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Almonds & Sustainability

You've probably heard that almonds require a lot of water to grow, as much as a gallon or more per almond.

It's true, but unfortunately, most of what we eat requires a lot more than many people realize. How much?

2 gallons of water for a leaf of lettuce, 33 gallons for an apple, 34 gallons for a cup of coffee, and 53 gallons for an egg -- just to name a few. (source: waterfootprint.org)

There is no doubt that almonds use a lot of water, but it should also be noted that almonds actually use less than their proportionate share of water, as the almond crop makes up 13% of California’s irrigated farmland, yet consumes only 9% of the state’s agricultural water.

Green almond hulls hanging on almond tree branches

Although almonds are frequently given attention for their consumption of water, as a crop its water usage is not very different from that of other major California tree crops.

The Almond Orchard 2025 Goals

To learn more about what almond farmers are doing to help minimize the almond's impact on the environment, please read our blog article on the subject.